Which Apps work with the Therm-App device?

Therm-App developed an official app designed to work with the Therm-App device. It is upgraded regularly and has all the latest features compatible with the device. To download the app click on the icon:



There are other excellent apps available as well. However, Therm-App is not responsible or liable for those applications. We advise you to consult with the application developer directly for more details and questions on those applications.

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    Please explain me as good use setings "Emissivity, Scale truncation ,Reflected Temperature "
    Thank You

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    The settings overview is available in the user manual. Available on website (under the particular product)

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    I want to use therm app for sport night shooting from gun UTAS UTAS UTS 15 magnum 12/76 ..is that the impact intensity camera safe?

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