How can I use IRT Cronista to analyze Therm-App TH IR images?

In order to allow post-analysis of IR images, please follow these steps:
1. Go to: Settings->Export/Save Options-> Save to Export Folder. Makes sure "Raw data" is marked with a check box.
2. Take an image using your Therm-App TH.
3. Using a file manager application, locate the ThermApp folder on your device and open it.
4. Open the Export folder. 
5. Locate the folder that includes the image you wish to analyze (please note - folder names are based on the following template: yyyymmdd_hhmmss) .
6. Download the folder(s) to a PC with IRT Cronista.
7. Using the file explorer on IRT Cronista, locate the folder and load it to the   software.
8. You can now analyze the image you took.

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    Paul Fillmore

    I bought a Therm-App camera used.
    How do I get a license for your software?

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    Does the IRT Cronista software give you full access to that software features?

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