How do I install the Therm-App on my Android device?

  1. Before plugging in the Therm-App™ device, visit Google Play and download the free Therm-App Basic app.  
  2. After installing the app, attach the Therm-App™ device to the back of your mobile device by turning the sizing screw, and ensure that it is firmly attached. If this is your first installation of Therm-App™, make sure you have a solid internet connection active on your phone.
  3. Connect the USB-OTG cable to both Therm-App™ and your mobile device.
  4. Your Android operating system will ask for your permission to associate the USB device with the Therm-App™ application. Approve and continue.
  5. The Therm-App™ application will automatically start. 
  6. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  7. At first use, the application will automatically download a calibration package to your phone. This is a one-time procedure.

For more details please view this instructional video:






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